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Jennifer's blog

The Healing Attitude

I've got my first ear infection in, oh, since the family vacation in Puerto Rico as a truculent teenager.  And, well, it's painful!  I tried to make it mind over matter as I suffered through my husband’s 40th (sshh!:)) birthday dinner.  I even persevered the next day as I took my family through the Harry potter ride at universal, but as I prepared to throw up (ear aches can do that, and so, incidentally, can Harry's Wizarding World adventure ride), I happened to notice the ear was dripping blood.  Not bright red horror movie style, more of an Undramatic pink, but still.  I have my limits, and blood dripping out my ear was one of them.  It was time to go to urgent care.

5 Ways to Get your Kids to Eat Their Greens

The Final: Part 4 of our 'Eat Your Greens' Series!

Recipe Weekend: Maddie’s Southern Greens

Part 3 in our 'Eat Your Greens' Series

Maddie writes: It is harder to get my husband to eat greens than it is to get my 4 year old daughter to do it. His dad was the cook growing up in Wyoming. His idea of green was creamed peas...? He still doesn't enjoy spinach unless it's a dip BUT the man LOVES my mustard greens. When on his plate he saves that bite for last every time, which means it was his favorite of the meal.


Maddie’s Variation on Southern Greens

Summertime Health and Happiness Tips for Kids (secret: just add water)

Summer is absolutely upon us again. I know this because I don’t get any blogs written, we’ve used up most of our frequent flyer miles, our swimsuits smell vaguely of mildew and my baby’s got a farmer’s tan (if you think Daddy’s happy about this, think again - and check out our blog on sunburns and suntans). I don’t know when the official solstice is, but we might as well name the beginning of the seasons based on the school calendar anyway, right?

It’s time for us all to refresh our memories on how to keep our kids healthy and hydrated amidst all the travel, high temperatures, and variations in routine. Summer can be a super-healthy time, full of outdoor play and refreshed minds -- given the appropriate precautions...Here are some of my favorites:


1. Summer Nutrition:

The Soda Fountain as a Healing Remedy?

Have you ever put candy cap mushrooms into your soda as sweetener, or used celery as the basis of a milkshake? We’re at The Ice Cream Bar in SF. I know that ice cream bars aren’t the usual focus of a health-inspired site, nor are they typically on my radar. But artisanal products and creative ideas inspire me, so when a couple on our bus tells us about this old-style soda fountain that creates their own soda fountain, remedy, tinture, ice cream bartinctures and aromatics from scratch, hires seasoned bartenders and then on-the-spot delivers malts and sodas made to order, I’m intrigued. I tell myself we’re only going there to investigate...

5 Reasons Your Kids Should Eat Their Greens -- and 5 Ways They’ll Do It

Part 1 of Our 3-Part ‘Eat Your Greens’ Series

 I’m reading the Joel Fuhrman book, Disease-Proof Your Child, in an absolutely occasional moment where my son Aidan is quietly playing next to me and Ammie is sleeping. In the book, he mentions that his children have known since the age of 5 why eating greens is important. I turn to Aidan (a boy who, mercifully, has always been willing to eat his greens -- at least with a little cajoling), absorbed in his model car parking lot, and the conversation goes something like this:

Recipe Weekend: Heavenly Raw Chocolate Milk

My dear-friend-turned-nanny comes over some days (my favorite days!:)) to help with the kiddos while I blog, get in a workout, do all the things that mamas can’t do easily without an extra pair of hands. As one of the hazards and delights of having a friend as nanny is that I have to desperately fight against the urge just to hang out together and actually sequester myself for a portion of the time she’s around, but I can’t fight this urge entirely, and I wouldn’t want to...

10 Natural Remedies for Infant Reflux

When I was a new mama to my first son, Aidan, I found another mother in my mama’s group with whom I connected. We were both vaguely ‘attachment’ parents, both nurse-on-demand, used-to-be career mamas who were devoting ourselves full time to this new and incredible project -- and both liked shoe-shopping at Nordstroms. Back in those days, that’s pretty much all we needed to become fast friends. When our children were about four months old and she had to go in for a colonoscopy, it seemed natural that I would babysit for her. This was a memorable moment in that it was the first time I had ever undertaken to babysit someone else’s baby besides my own. I was terrified.

Recipe Weekend: Yummy Vegan Cream Cheeze and Jam Roll-ups from the Blissful Chef

For Recipe Weekend this weekend, I’m going to share the blessings of a new chef I’ve discovered - and how she changed my lunchbox karma when my husband (the lunch-maker in our family) went out of town... The recipe that salvaged my son’s lunch from the nut butter and jam doldrums I’m sharing here. For the rest of the story on our little lunchbox miracle, visit Christy Morgan at The Blissful Chef, where I’ve guest blogged this week. New lunch ideas come just in time for Summer, where I’ve now got to provide lunch for not just Aidan, but whatever kids are at our house playing as well... It has to be healthy enough to make me feel good about what I’ve given to other people’s children(I work in health after all:)), and yummy enough that the kids want to come back.

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