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The Healing Attitude

The Healing Attitude

I've got my first ear infection in, oh, since the family vacation in Puerto Rico as a truculent teenager.  And, well, it's painful!  I tried to make it mind over matter as I suffered through my husband’s 40th (sshh!:)) birthday dinner.  I even persevered the next day as I took my family through the Harry potter ride at universal, but as I prepared to throw up (ear aches can do that, and so, incidentally, can Harry's Wizarding World adventure ride), I happened to notice the ear was dripping blood.  Not bright red horror movie style, more of an Undramatic pink, but still.  I have my limits, and blood dripping out my ear was one of them.  It was time to go to urgent care. I consider my 9 year old more than moderately compassionate, but if you're wondering the limits of his empathy, healing attitude, earache, ear ache, birthday, ear pain, remedybeing asked to leave universal studios before riding the Hippogriff is hitting them. 

I'd like to preface the rest of this post by referring you to an earlier post on ear aches.  The advice there, i believe, is sound, and perhaps it even got me through the birthday dinner.  But I'd done it all, the enzymes, the acupressure, the lymph massage, and still the pain prevailed.

Long story short, I'm one azithromycin pack, 4 nonrefundable flights and 1/2 bottle of steroid/antibiotic drops into a road trip (I'm not allowed to fly and still all vacations must come to an end one way or another), and I still can't hear a word my husband says if he talks to the wrong side.  I also can't hear my son, who is evidently  blasting the smurfs movie from the back seat.  So there are perks.

Here's where I get to explore the wisdom  of a dear friend and long time nurse.  When I lament to her (aka whine) that I'm on day 7 of this and I tried every natural remedy I knew before buckling at the sight of blood she said, "never mind all that.  You have what we call a Healing Attitude."

A healing attitude, she says, includes being willing to do what needs to be done, even when it's outside your healing comfort zone, because your attention and intention is on healing.  Antibiotics are not my favorite first choice (incidentally, my son got an earache a few days later and did not need antibiotics, even the ENT felt they were unnecessary in the face of good healing progress), but I knew my body's limits and did not favor my preferred modalities or philosophy over the present time realities of my physiology.  She also explained that a healing attitude included the expectation of healing.  I certainly have this -- and lest you think I'm giving myself too many props, the truth is my healing attitude may include more than a touch of impatience with my progress.  Never mind that, she says again.  A healing attitude is being fluid and in tune with the needs of your body - allowing it the rest, treatment and nurturance it needs with the intent and expectation it will be well again. 

It strikes me, when we talk about mind over matter, especially in relation to health, we are often talking about a hierarchical relationship between the mind and body, in which our minds are the overlord expected to control the body or be considered weak-willed.  This is the relationship my mother spoke of when she encouraged me to go to school in the midst of, let's face it, possibly exaggerated symptoms of illness (often exacerbated by exams and something good on morning tv).  It's the relationship we are referring to when we encourage loved ones to push thru maybe just a little longer in the midst of labor, temporary pain, or sometimes devastating illness.  We want the body to adhere to the mind, often like an obedient pupil.  And I for one, can get testy when it doesn't work this way. 

A healing attitude, on the other hand, as I interpret my friend's sage perspective, is about a relationship rather than a dictatorship.  It does not discount the miraculous effects of our beliefs and our mental blueprints on the biology of the body, but in this case the resistance comes off, and the body-being communication becomes reciprocal. 

I'm embarrassed to say I've never thought of it this way before.  I've pushed my body to its limits in athletics, childbirth, and maybe sometimes in daily life, and I expect it to listen to me, but the "I" in question may not be the best listener in return.destin, mommy's er, earache, ear pain, healing attitude  Maybe bleeding out my ear is a metaphor for my listening skills when it comes to what my body is saying. Maybe my think-it-into-submission strategy needs more fluidity.  Maybe I now have enough silence in my world without the sound of the Smurfs  blaring or the baby crying (he's on mute in my world til my able-hearing hubby tells me otherwise) or the airplane engines whirling to hear what my body wants to say.  7 days later, I still don't know what that is.  But for once, with humility, I'm listening.  Without expectation. Even if I’m not sure I’m going to like what it has to say. And maybe for now, that's the message my body wants me to hear.

I don’t know if I'm healing my ear infection with my healing attitude, or if the infection has given me a better healing attitude.  I think it may go both ways.  And that's at
least a healing start.

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