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Dr. Dickey's UPI Guide

Upper Respiratory infections occur when you are stressed, lowering the effectiveness of your immune system so that you are susceptible to the casual virus

The primary elements of these infections are; inflammation, and excess mucous production, helping us attack and wash away the offending agent. The same response occurs in allergy, for much the same reasons

We do not get bacterial infections out of nowhere. They require a set up by virus, allergy, or extreme stress. Bacteria live in us always but the excess mucous trapped in the sinuses or middle ear by inflammation is a perfect Petri dish for bacterial growth

To treat these infections, we always recommend plenty of sleep, rest, low pressure and expectation on you (husband takes care of the house/kids while wife sick), enough hydration to urinate clear, eat or not as your body tells you

Kids can take all these supplements, tinctures, and medicines at appropriate weight based dosing

To strengthen your immune system, take high dose Vitamin C, 5000mg x 1 and then 2500mg each day following. if not getting daily sun without sunscreen, take 2000IU Vitamin D3 daily. You can also take a on time dose of Vitamin A 50,000IU x 1 only

Standard Process makes whole food supplements, Immuplex 3x daily is a good immune booster and Congaplex is a s well and comes in a chewable for kids

High vitamin fermented cod liver oil from Blue Ice and flax oil are antiinflammatories that are al helpful in upper respiratory infections and for immune boosting

To attack a virus, get an antiviral tincture containing at least one of the following; Echinacea or Astragulus. This is often an alcohol based tincture and the dose is 6-8 drops 3x daily. There will frequently be other antiviral agents in these tinctures and that is fine. Mediherb makes an Andrographis complex that is effective against cold, flu, and other acute upper respiratory illness. Goldenseal is a mucosal support herb. This aids in cough and any state of excess mucus

To maintain mucous flow you can use a humidifier in your bedroom. You should also use spicy foods of your preference to induce good mucous flow, like wasabi, vindaloo or jalapenos

Western medicines that can help come in several classes and are over the counter; antiinflammatories, decongestants, mucolytic/expectorants, and antitussives

Antiinflammatories directly address the swelling and inflammation that make us feel so bad and block mucous flow in these infections. They come a slither Naproxen/Alleve or Ibuprofen/Advil. The naproxen dose is 440mg 2 x daily and the ibuprofen dose is 600mg 3-4 x daily. These should not be taken on an empty stomach and stops if your stomach hurts when taking. They are best taken for more than one day to get an effective blood level of the medicine. They also are fever and pain reducers and so will help with the muscle aches and fever that come with these infections as well

Decongestants can turn off a drippy nose and clear up nasal and ear passages temporarily. Sudafed should be taken at 60mg in the morning and afternoon. The last dose should be no later than 4pm to avoid insomnia as this medicine is elevating.

Mucolytic/Expectorants thin down mucous by increasing the water content of your mucous 100%. They should be used to move sticky, adherent mucous that is difficult to cough up or blow out. This medicine helps relive congestion of your sinuses and lungs so you can more easily move the mucous out. This is the medicine for "concrete face". Guiafenesin can be taken either as a pill - Mucinex, 600mg 2 x daily, or a liquid - plain Robitussin, 1-4 teaspoons every 4 hours. Once you establish good mucous flow, you can stop taking the medicine. While taking it, you should hydrate well as it will cause water loss through your mucous.

Antitussives should be taken for only 2 reasons. A dry "irritant focus cough" occurs at the end of these infections and is a result of a sore spot in the throat that was caused by excessive coughing while ill but is present after the mucous is gone. The other reason is if we cannot sleep through the cough and the resulting lack of multiple nights sleep is more a problem than stopping the wet cough could potentially be. We cough in these illnesses to move mucous out of the bronchi or air tubes in the lungs, and to protect our lungs from infected mucous draining from our sinuses down the back of our throats. So we should ideally not stop a cough. There are many antitiussives but the only one that works is Codeine. Robitussin AC 1-2 teaspoons every 6 hours or Tussionex 1-2 teaspoons ever 6 hours are best although Tylenol #3 can be effective every 4 hours as well

Most mixed over the counter medicines should be avoided as they usually have medicines that you do not want in the mix. One exception for a good night sleep with a cold or flu is brand name Nyquil 1-2 tablespoons every 6 hours. This works well as the recipe is balanced so that you can tolerate the decongestant because the sedative antitussive and antihistamine counter its elevating side effects. Also there is a shot of alcohol in each dose which helps as well.