3 Reasons To Consider a Wood Watch


It feels good to wear natural, raw materials. Only, there are few things which can both be natural and nice looking as the process of fabrication makes the item lose its natural feel. When it comes to wooden watches, the natural feel is highly present. Here are 4 reasons to consider getting a wood watch

1. Wood Watches Are Eco-Friendly

Because a wood watch is almost entirely made of wood, it is therefore intrinsically Eco-friendly. Of course there are some other materials like plastic and stainless steel, this is because certain component can’t be produced using wood like hour handles and date window. The clasp buckle is another component which needs to be made of more solid material as it’s exposed to frequent use. In addition to that, wood watches brands like WeWood , according to them, their watches are made without the use of chemicals in the process, which adds more to the Eco-friendliness concept. Another Eco-friendly contribution WeWood committed themselves to is planting trees. You can even read on their logo “You buy a watch, We plant a tree”. A pretty cool idea. So when you buy a wood watch, you indirectly contribute to the good of the environment.

2- Wood Watches Are Better For The Skin

Majority of watches in the market are made of aluminum, metal and other kinds of hard materials. Wood watches are very light weight and because of the natural wood the skin is less likely to get irritated, unless you have a serious skin allergy. In the case of WeWood watches, their watches are Hypo-allergenic and free of toxic chemicals. Wood watches are also pleasant to wear and I don’t know why, but it gives me the impression that it brings calmness to the wearer. AllWoodenWatches.com is a great website in which you can find a plethora of wood watches to choose from.

3- The More It Gets Old The More It’s Better

Wood has a natural characteristic to get better as times goes by. This is why it looks more shiner as it gets smoother over time. This will give the wood watch a very authentic feel. Also, because it is organic, you will feel like it,s growing with you and you will identify with it as opposed to a solid watch made of material which stays frigid without any organic development.

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